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Forest (Conservation) Rules 2022

Forest (Conservation) Rules 2022

Subject- Environment & Ecology

Source- The Hindu


  • Alleging that the new forest conservation rules “violate” the Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006, Congress on Wednesday wrote to the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) to urge the Central government to withdraw them in the public interest.

Key Provisions

  • It constituted an Advisory Committee, a regional empowered committee at each of the integrated regional offices and a screening committee at State/Union Territory (UT) government-level.
  • The role of the Advisory Committee is restricted to advise or recommend with regards to grant of approval under relevant sections in respect of proposals referred to it and any matter connected with the conservation of forests referred to it by the Central government.
  • The MoEFCC has directed the constitution of a project screening committee in each state/UT for an initial review of proposals involving diversion of forest land.
  • The five-member committee will meet at least twice every month and will advise the state governments on projects in a time bound manner.
  • All linear projects (roads, highways, etc), projects involving forest land up to 40 hectares and those that have projected a use of forest land having a canopy density up to 0.7 — irrespective of their extent for the purpose of survey — shall be examined in the Integrated Regional Office.
  • States are given the responsibility of settling forest rights of forest dwellers (Forest Rights Act, 2006) and allowing diversion of forest land.
  • If the state already has over two-thirds area under green cover or over one-third area under forest cover, then compensatory afforestation (CA) could be taken in other states/UTs where the cover is less than 20%.


  • The new Forest Conservation Rules do not mention the earlier requirement of attaining a gram sabha NOC before diverting forest land for a project.
  • Rule states unequivocally that compliance with the Forest Rights Act is not at all required for the final approval for forest diversion, given by the environment ministry.
  • They also allow forest rights to be settled after the final approval for forest clearances has been granted by the Centre.



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